Our studio was founded in 2017 with the simple aim to cultivate beauty.

The practice encompasses design in its myriad forms – textile, surfacemural, brand design and installation art. Finding home in threads, walls and spaces alike, our works are limitless.

We concern ourselves chiefly with shape and colour. Our shapes are inspired by the essence of things. Our colours seek the harmony of nature.

Selected Clients & Collaborators

BONIA, Haus of Rami, Whimsigirl, YTL, Subject Matter Art, Fora Space, KSK Land, 8 Conlay, Gamuda Gardens, BlackRock, Michelle King "The Fix", Kloé Hotel, The Chow Kit Hotel, MoMo's Hotel, KUSHAN, RIUH, 3125, Seven Eyes, ana tomy, TedxBangsar, Ben's Cafe, d.d Collective, CalaQisya, Yoke & Theam, Newcleus, Fashion Valet, Meet Joe Cafe, Snackfood, Pink Jambu, Paperweight, Quartet Cafe, karyaful, Hanni Yang, Green Fashion Week

Image above features a Cyanotype Print created by Shan Shan Lim in 2015. A gentle reminder that the Sky's the limit.


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